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Bottom & Topside Boat Painting

Boat painting is more than just a visual statement. Quality paints and finishes help protect your boat from the harsh conditions of lakes, rivers, and oceans, and prevent moisture from seeping into the materials used to build your boat. Count on the experienced and dedicated men and women at Sailor's Wharf of St. Petersburg, Florida, to provide the solutions you need.

Bottom Painting

Our team has years of experience with boat bottoms, and we're authorized bottom paint applicators for Pettit, Interlux, and Sea Hawk. Our skill and knowledge ensure we have the ability to give your boat a smooth racing bottom and to apply the latest paint systems for the highest level of protection for your boat. All of our bottom job pricing includes the haul-out and launch, pressure cleaning, sanding the bottom using vacuum sanders, sandblasting the running gear, and applying a four-part system on the metal running gear, as well as shaft zinc.

Boats Being Painted and a Few Finished Paint Jobs

Topside Painting

Topside painting for your boat can be expensive, but it's well worth it. Painting allows you to change the look of the boat and, in many cases, make the boat look better than new while making it easier to maintain. We use Awlgrip and DuPont urethane paint systems and have been certified in these paint systems since 1978. We work on boats from 20' to 78', including both power and sailboats. Many of the boats we have painted over the years look great, even today, and will continue to show off their beauty as classics 25 years from now — just browse through our portfolio and see for yourself!

We get these excellent results using Awlgrip, one of the best paint systems for boats on the market. The color remains stable for years. Most times, they just need regular maintenance to restore their beautiful luster. For example, we recently had a dark green hull in the yard that had been painted using Awlgrip 15 years ago. We just gave it a light buff with super-fine compound and cleaned it up using Awlgrip Awlcare, and everyone thought we had just repainted the hull.

We employ our own Awlgrip certified technicians and serve as one of the only yacht yards in Florida with a spray booth. If you're looking for expert painting and maintenance, turn to Sailor's Wharf!